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As a luxury motorhome manufacturer, we specialise in van conversions using bases from luxury campervan companies such as Iveco, VW and Fiat. Our van conversions are crafted by a single craftsman who utilises decades-worth of industry knowledge to design and construct our very own range of luxury motorhomes. We are no ordinary van conversion manufacturer – our production process enables each owner to embed their own personality and individuality within their motorhome, ensuring we can deliver a quality campervan to each and every customer.

Here at IH Motorhomes, we integrated ourselves into the realm of luxury van conversion manufacturers through the production of our own luxury motorhome range. Our products are not limited to our own range, however. Below you will find our selection of van conversions from luxury motorhome manufacturers VW and Fiat. As campervan manufacturers, we also stock a selection of used campervans for those who are seeking a pre-loved quality campervan for their ultimate getaway.

The IH range

VW Motorhomes

VW do luxury van conversions with a stamp of iconicity. These high-quality motorhomes are ideal for both travelling and daily transport, striking the perfect balance between functionality and design. To travel with convenience and class, discover our range of VW van conversions today.

Fiat Motorhomes

Travel in style and comfort with our selection of Fiat van conversions. These luxury motorhomes are compact enough for convenient travelling, yet offer enough space for a fully-equipped interior including a kitchen, fitted washroom and make-up beds. Discover our range of Fiat van conversions and add your own personal touch.

Iveco Motorhomes

Our largest van conversion range to date, the Iveco based models offer all the luxury and comfort you’ve come to expect from IH, with the bonus of that bit more space for those extras you might need.

The All new Iveco based camper range for 2024

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New motorhomes for sale

Browse our range of new motorhomes for sale From the IH Motorhomes and JOA ranges

Used motorhomes for sale

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective solution to your future travel plans, discover our selection of pre-owned motorhomes and begin your ultimate getaway.

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IH 710 IFL

This stunning IH 710IFL currently sitting in our showroom could be yours today.
for only £113,826

A long and distinguished history

With our years of experience as master van conversion manufacturers, each IH Motorhome ensures high levels of performance and integrity.

The luxury motorhome experience

Our leisure vehicles are unlike any other, likewise our consultation experience is personal and unique, just like you.

Quality through details

Meticulous care is taken by each of our master craftsmen to ensure every detail is finished to our highest standard to produce top quality motorhomes.